Benefits of Therapeutic Harp Music

Birthing …

For labor and delivery patients, both newborn and mother, therapeutic harp music can

  • Provide focus and distraction from extraneous activity
  • Help stabilize vital signs
  • Support relaxation and deeper breathing

Dementia or Chronic Illness …

  • provide relaxation
  • assist re-connection to present
  • provide stabilizing focus

Children or Adults Not Critically Ill …

  • Provide comfort and stress relief
  • Promote a pleasant and familiar sound environment
  • Help with deeper rest and sleep

Pre-op or Recovery from Surgery …

  • Invite relaxation or awareness
  • Distract from monitor sounds
  • Stabilize body rhythms

Chronic or Critical Illness …

  • Ease mental and physical tension
  • Assist with pain management
  • Promote stress relief, lower blood-pressure

Comatose or Stroke Patient …

  • Provide connection, invitation to awareness
  • Stabilize vital signs
  • Stimulate environmental awakening

Actively Dying or Diagnosed Patient …

  • Facilitate clarity and awareness through the process of transition
  • Reduce fear and anxiety
  • Invite comfort and connection